Archiving the Burston Collection

     On Monday morning, Sept 10th 2018, at 10:55 am, Mary, Vicki, Ann, and I stood up and screamed Alleaua! The archiving of the Burston negatives and photos is complete! It has taken 13 years of detailed work - that is 2,373 hours per person. So Phase I is completed, except for some housekeeping.
     Phase II now has two people doing data entry, Edie Kelly and Rene Kendziorski, and it is moving pretty well. Always know that you are welcome to help us do data entry if you have a laptop with any version of Excel. We would love to have you. The challenge now is that a number of the archival envelopes will need to be renumbered as Milo duplicated numbers for some years. They must be renumbered before they go into the database and into the boxes. 
     We meet the second and fourth Mondays of the month, at 10a-1p in the lower lever of the Besser Museum. Usually we work two to three hours so join us any time. Please email the society if you have questions and someone will contact you.